Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Update

As a standing committee of the University Academic Senate, the Graduate Council is primarily responsible for developing sound policy and fostering high academic standards for graduate education at GVSU.  To that end, the Graduate Council works closely with the Office of Graduate Studies, the Graduate and Professional Students Association, and graduate program directors.  The diversity of ideas expressed among these groups has resulted in a unique discussion and results in quality graduate programs.

Over past years Graduate Council has developed policies dealing with issues ranging from graduate certificates to graduate assistantships.  During this year Graduate Council has tackled a similar range of issues including policies covering transfer credits and qualifications of faculty involved in graduate education.  Other policies developed during the current year deal with academic review, minimum grade point required for graduation, minimum number of required credits, requirements for the award of two or more masters degrees, dual-listed courses, and course waivers and substitutions.  Although these issues may appear to be relatively banal, having approved policies in place provides clarity and uniformity, thereby enabling a better educational experience.  As graduate programming expands at GVSU, having strong policies governing graduate education will ensure students receive a quality educational experience.

The policies on Adjunct Faculty Engaged in Graduate Education and Regular Faculty Engaged in Graduate Education are available on the Office of Graduate Studies website under the heading “Policies & Procedures.”

Page last modified April 19, 2011