Graduate Studies

GA Processing to Go Paperless

In alignment with GVSU’s sustainability efforts, the Office of Graduate Studies is currently reviewing options for taking the graduate assistantship appointment process paperless. The idea is in its infancy, so any changes to the process will not happen until the 2011-12 academic year or later.

One method under consideration is using the MyApps application program. The application is accessible via one’s Novell login. For GA processing, it could used by the hiring departments to create and submit GA job descriptions for review and approval, to submit completed GA contracts to department chairs and deans for signature, and for the Office of Graduate Studies to review and approve appointments online, and forward them to Financial Aid and Student Employment for the tuition waivers and payroll to be set up. There is potential for the application to perform other functions such as: filter GA appointments by department or college, edit job descriptions, or to check on the status of an appointment to see where it is in the process.

Another method under review involves updating the PDF appointment form so that it interacts with the GA Access database maintained by the Office of Graduate Studies. Information from the form fields would be downloaded to the database, eliminating manual entry of 200+ GA appointments and ensuring data accuracy. Additionally, information from the database would populate specific form fields, e.g., typing in the position title would automatically populate the ‘brief description of duties’ field as well. 

The Office of Graduate Studies is working closely with Financial Aid and Student Employment to address their concerns as well as ensure that their internal processes are accommodated. The OGS will solicit input from departments that hire graduate assistants as plans for paperless processing move forward.

Page last modified October 26, 2010