Graduate Studies

Exploring our Online Resources

The Office of Graduate Studies has a number of resources available online to assist graduate students, faculty and staff. All of the materials listed below are available at

Graduate Student Guidebook

The Office of Graduate Studies updates the Graduate Student Guidebook every year and due to popular demand, continues to publish copies. In an effort to support GVSU’s sustainability initiatives, limited copies were printed this year. The Graduate Student Guidebook is now available online as a PDF featuring live links and extensive Table of Contents bookmarks for user-friendly navigation.

Graduate Director’s Handbook

The 2010-2011 Graduate Director’s Handbook is now available online as a user-friendly PDF. The Handbook has been enhanced with live links and Table of Contents bookmarks. Based on feedback from Graduate Program Directors and Administrators, several sections of information have been added and updated.

Annual Report

The Office of Graduate Studies published its first annual report for the 2009-2010 academic year. One feature is the results of the Graduate Assistantship Evaluation Initiative, including both student and supervisor surveys on the Graduate Assistantship process and experience at GVSU. Another highlight is the summary of the 2nd Annual Michigan Graduate Education Week, which culminated with the Graduate Student Celebration and Graduate Dean’s Citations for Academic Excellence.

PACES Resources

As part of the launch for the PACES program this Fall, the Office of Graduate Studies has compiled online resources and materials for students. These resources are available on the Office of Graduate Studies website at clicking on “PACES” in the left-hand column. From here, students can navigate to the five PACES topic areas: Professionalism, Advancement, Communication, Engagement, Success.

Graduate Education Fact Book

The Fact Book is intended to be an authoritative reference to quantifiable data about graduate students at Grand Valley. It presents a summary of facts about GVSU that can be used by administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and others who require information. The primary source for the information reported is archived extracts of data from the university's management information systems.

Page last modified October 21, 2010