Graduate Studies

Curriculum Subcommittee

Chair: Dr. Mark Staves, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


Nathan Bair (Student Representative)
Andrea Bostrom (Kirkof College of Nursing)
Brian Cole (Continuing Education, ex-officio)
Nagnon Diarrassouba (College of Education)
Jonathan Engelsma (Padnos College of Engineering and Computing)
Dorothea Epple (College of Community and Public Service)
Irene Fountain (Graduate Studies, Administrative)
Anoush Kabalyan (Graduate Studies, ex-officio)
Elena Lioubimtseva (Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies)
Claudia Leiras-Laubach (College of Health Professions)
Beth Martin (University Libraries)
Paulette Ratliff-Miller
John Stevenson (Graduate Studies, ex-officio)

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