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Chemistry Faculty Member Named a Top STEM Professor in Michigan

Deborah Herrington, Professor of Chemistry at GVSU, has been named in the Top 25 STEM Professors in Michigan by Online Schools Michigan.

Dr. Herrington is Associate Professor of Chemistry and directs the Target Inquiry Program. She has received international recognition for her work in chemical education and professional development of high school chemistry teachers.

STEM fields include the studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Michigan colleges and universities are served by exceptional, award-winning educators in STEM subject matter. Within the broad categories, these 25 Michigan professors have created specialties that garnered recognition by their world-wide community. Some of these heralded educators lead research projects and mentor advanced students. There’s the professor who travels the globe in search of solutions to problems affecting energy use and the environment. Another looks at the universe through telescopes but finds time to teach key courses in the STEM field.

The list contains names of professors who have sustained research and teaching careers over the years as well as those who are new to their STEM field but are already making a splash in academia. At one time or another, all college students encounter studies in STEM subjects. They lucky ones take seats in the labs or classrooms of these extraordinary professors.

Page last modified September 26, 2013