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Delta Phi Lambda
Grand Valley State University

Iota Chapter

On April 11, 2009, Delta Phi Lambda was officially established at Grand Valley State University. The eleven charters are: Cindy Lee, Maria Cristina Cabrera, Christ-Anh Nguyen, Linda Truong, Theresa Vo, Nha Vo, Xee Yang, Lan Huynh, Diane Teall, Amanda Yik, and Anna Shu. Together, these eleven women sparked a flame to an everlasting sisterhood with outstanding integrity. Their dream of creating a safe haven for collegiate women finally came true.

In December 2007, Cindy founded the first Asian interest group, The Boba Bellas with the help of: Joyze Joven, Amy Yik, Leanne Dunlavey, Kailee Dohring, Stephanie Ly, Winky Cheng, Thao Le, Vanessa Phan, and Anna Wu. These women were a part of the Original Fifteen, who solidified the mission to establish an Asian sorority. They completed over 250 hours of community service, founded the Global Gala Cultural Showcase and traveled to various parts of the United States in an effort to bring an Asian sorority to the Allendale community. However, the Original Fifteen were blindsided when they endured a dark journey that threatened their integrity. Without regret, the fifteen women remained loyal to their morality and persevered for a true sisterhood.
The Bellas passion was reignited after meeting Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. The sorority's philanthropy to Osteoporosis and Asian heritage, as well as their commitment to the seven virtues fulfilled the Bellas ideal sisterhood. Through triumphs and despair, the Bellas pressed on with a new hope and unparalleled strength. Thus, the Charter class of the Everlasting Eleven was formed to rejoice the Navy Blue and Silver that was always beaming in their hearts. Let our light shine forth, always and forever.


Motto: Let Our Light Shine Forth

Founded Nationally: December 5, 1998 University of Georgia: Athens; Athens, Georgia

Founded at Grand Valley: April 11, 2009

Virtues: Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Dedication, Integrity, Discipline, and Academic Excellence

Animal: Butterfly

Stone: Jade

Colors: Navy Blue and Silver

Flower: Blue Rose

National Philanthropy: Osteoporosis

Recent Awards:

Campus Awards - Highest GPA in Council (Fall '11), Highest Service Hours Per Member in Greek Life (Fall '11), Highest New Member GPA in Council (Fall '10)

Convention Awards - Jade Award (2011), Philanthropy Award (2011)

National Website:

Chapter Website: 

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