Sigma Pi Fraternity


Sigma Pi 

Chapter: Theta Rho






Open Motto:

February 26, 1897 


Lavender, White and Gold 


Progress, man’s distinctive mark alone. 

Not God’s, and not the beasts’; God is, they are.  

Man partly is and wholly hopes to be.










By joining Sigma Pi Fraternity, you will encounter a social experience unlike anything else. The Sigma Pi experience is nothing short of amazing. Sigma Pi will become your home away from home, help you develop your academic and professional career and become an outlet to get involved on campus. The benefits of membership will undoubtedly last you a lifetime.

The Lambda Class of Sigma Pi

      Being a member of Sigma Pi automatically gives you the distinction of being different. Their Fraternity desires those wishing to become leaders within their community. They believe in Brotherhood, the advancement of Truth and Justice, the promotion of Scholarship, the encouragement of Chivalry, the diffusion of Culture, and the development of Character. They strive to make good men great and leave a long lasting impression on every member’s life.

Sigma Pi Bid Acceptance Winter 2010

         Though they attend different colleges and universities, in different regions of North America, they are bound by ritual as men of Sigma Pi. It is in this ritual that they have taken several oaths which make them desire to be a cut above the average college man. Their fellowship in brotherhood helps them all through the mutual supports of likeminded individuals who strive to be the best as they prepare to be the new generation of leaders.

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