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Delta Upsilon

Delta Upsilon Chartering




Delta Upsilon

Founded: November 4th 1834

Location: Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts

Nick name: DU

Colors: Sapphire Blue and Old Gold

Symbol: Duck

Motto: (Dikaia Upotheke) & Justice, Our Foundation.

With our recent arrival at Grand Valley, our Delta Upsilon chapter has shown its potential and drive on campus. With our chapter being one of the fastest to charter after becoming a colony in Delta Upsilons history, our members can feel a sense of accomplishment with everything we do. Since our chartering on April 23rd, 2010, we have gone on to get second place in Greek Week 2010, second place in Homecoming 2010, had members start multiple campus organizations, and immersed ourselves in Grand Valley leadership.

What makes a Delta Upsilon man?

Simple, Delta Upsilon men are those who want to succeed in society and life by advancing the sense of Justice. We seek members with diverse experiences but stand united on our four founding principles. A Delta Upsilon man realizes that he alone, can make a difference, but when he works with others he can make a greater impact. Lastly, a Delta Upsilon man has the desire to better himself. As our motto says, Delta Upsilon continually seeks to be Building Better Men. With this, our members strive to become gentleman.

As a fraternity, we hold our four principles as our pillars to life. The Promotion of Friendship, the Development of Character, the Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and the Advancement of Justice help us traverse through our daily activities. A Delta Upsilon man seeks to befriend those different from himself, grow himself spiritually and intellectually, spread awareness and acceptance of different cultures, and prevent chaos through democratic processes and values.

What sets DU apart from all other Fraternities?

Being the oldest non-secret fraternity in the United States, Delta Upsilon members are proud to share their values and traditions with the community. We open our rituals, meetings, and events to both Greek and non-Greek students while keeping our high moral standards. With this transparency, the public is allowed to evaluate us not just on what we do, but who we are as a group.

"We don't recruit members, men recruit us for their lives."

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