Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity




Delta Sigma Phi
Epsilon Tau Chapter

Founded nationally: Dec. 10th, 1899

Founded locally: May 1st, 1971

Nickname: Delt Sigs

Colors: Nile green and carnation white

Flower: White carnation

Active members: 74

Motto: Better Men. Better Lives

Symbol: Sphinx

The Epsilon Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was founded at Grand Valley State University in 1971. Since, Delta Sigma Phi has grown to become the oldest, and the largest fraternity on Grand Valley State University’s campus. Funded under the beliefs of the universal brotherhood of man, Delta Sigma Phi holds no preference to religion, race, or ethnic background, and incorporates men from all of Grand Valley’s undergraduate programs. Delta Sigma Phi embraces its motto "Better Men. Better Lives and is brotherhood for a lifetime as we live by our core values: Culture, Harmony and Friendship. 

Delta Sigma Phi today is the largest fraternity on GVSU’s campus and has an alumni base of over 180 men in the Grand Rapids area. We have the largest alumni support, not only at Grand Valley, but nationally compared to other Delta Sig chapters. Delta Sigma Phi as mentioned above is a lifetime membership, and our alumni embrace this membership, and assist the active chapter in various events, as well as in professional development.

Membership into Delta Sigma Phi offers a member the chance to become “A Better Man, and teaches to Live a Better Life.” Through community service events, philanthropic events, and brotherhood activities, the chapter teaches its members to become actively involved in their community, and to develop a variety of skills that will prove beneficial in life long relationships. Membership in the fraternity also allows each individual the opportunity to grow as a leader, and to develop essential skills that will assist the brothers in their professional lives.

President- Tyler Nixon

For more information, visit the Delta Sigma Phi website.

 Delta Sigma Phi Fall 08 Initiation

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