Greek Life Council

Mission Statement and Values

Fraternity and Sorority Life Mission Statement:

'To promote character and leadership development, academic achievement, diverse community involvement, and life long bonds through principles encompassed in our rituals.'

Fraternity and Sorority Life Values:

As a Fraternity and Sorority Community we:
- will develop and maintain a scholastic program for our members that will enhance and encourage their academic success;
- recognize the importance of serving our community;
- will foster brotherhood and sisterhood between all Fraternity/Sorority organizations;
- will educate and promote healthy lifestyles;
- will respect the dignity of people while embracing the free exchange of ideas and beliefs;
- will be responsible for our actions and recognize their implications in the Fraternity/Sorority and campus community;
- will encourage leadership development and promote leadership opportunities for our members.

Page last modified April 22, 2010