Grants Accounting

Post-Award Management of Sponsored Awards


Recommended Action
Hiring Personnel
Descriptions for the new positions can be written and submitted to Human Resources prior to receipt of the award. However, positions cannot be posted until the award is received and the grant account is setup in the Banner system.
Purchasing Equipment
Orders should be placed at least 90 days before the end of the project. Purchases made in the last weeks of a project may be disallowed by the sponsoring agency. Only items costing over $5,000 should be budgeted as equipment.
Ordering Materials and Supplies
Place orders for these items as needed. All materials and supplies should be purchased at least 30 days before the end of the project, unless it can be justified and verified that the items are needed to complete the project.
The Office of Sponsored Programs prepares and approves all sub-awards and sub-contracts. Early planning is necessary to ensure that there is ample time for negotiation and processing of the sub-award or sub-contract. Sponsor approval may be required if the sub-awardee or sub-contractor was not in the proposal or award.
Documenting Cost Share
Cash cost share should be monitored in a separate grant match FOP. In kind match should be monitored and documented at least quarterly, over the life cycle of the project. Documentation of in-kind cost share should be forwarded to the Grants Accounting office.
Budget Changes
Budget changes are handled according to the awards terms and conditions. If the budget changes required are not within the sponsor’s deviation allowance, review the expanded authorities matrix to see if a formal re-budgeting request is needed. Contact the Grants Accounting Office for assistance with re-budgeting issues.
Reviewing Account Expenditures or Reconciling Accounts
It is recommended that the PI monitor expenditures on a monthly basis, at a minimum. Over/under spending could result if the grant account is not consistently monitored.  
Expenses Charged to the Wrong FOP or Account Code
A journal entry is necessary to correct transactions. For grant FOPs, the responsible grant accountant should be contacted to assist with error corrections. 
Change in Scope of Work/PI effort
In collaboration with the Office of Sponsored programs, the PI should request a change prior to the effective date of the change or absence. The sponsor must approve the change in writing. 
Postage, UPS, Copy Center, and Other Miscellaneous Expenses
Collaboration with various service departments is needed in order to charge certain miscellaneous costs to sponsored awards.  Ensure that the award budget supports these costs before charging these costs to the award.  Contact the Grants Accounting Office for assistance with setting up these types of charges.
Requesting a No Cost Extension
The request should be made 90 days prior to the end of the award. Some federal sponsors allow an automatic 1-year no cost extension. See the expanded authorities matrix for further information.
Foreign Travel
The Fly America Act applies to all foreign travel. See the grant travel  section for more details. If the foreign travel was not included in the original sponsor-approved budget, sponsor approval might be needed. Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Office for assistance.


Page last modified February 10, 2014