Grants Accounting

The Grants Accounting Office is a branch of the University Controller's Office.
  The Controller's Office mission is "Protecting financial integrity...
Providing exceptional service."  


Grants Accounting Services Include:

    • Supporting principal investigators and related staff with
      monitoring post-award compliance with the financial
      provisions of grants and other sponsored agreements;

    • Maintaining an effective audit trail to support the costs
      charged to grants and other sponsored agreements;

    • Preparing and submitting billings and financial reports
      required by sponsors;

    • Monitoring subrecipients and verifying compliance with
      the financial provisions of GVSU sponsored projects;

    • Preparing the Facilities and Administrative (F&A)
      proposal and negotiating the rate with the cognizant

    • Coordinating the annual A-133 audit with external auditors
      and preparing the audit schedules.

Questions related to existing projects should be directed to
the responsible accountant. Visit the
Contact Us link for
more details.

Questions or concerns about this website should be directed to Martha Moore @ moorema@gvsu.edu

Page last modified November 2, 2016