Personnel Support for Your Grant

For more information on personnel support for your grant, please see:

Student Employment for hiring students.

Graduate Studies for hiring Graduate Assistants.

Requests for grant-funded and other externally funded graduate assistantships must be reviewed and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies. This should be done prior to submitting the grant or external funding proposal. The grant writer/Principal Investigator (PI) should make every effort to obtain grant funding for the tuition as well as for the stipend. If the grant source will not provide tuition support, the PI must request approval prior to grant submission for the tuition to be paid by GVSU and count that tuition support as a cash match in the grant budget. Once the grant is awarded, the PI should visit the Graduate Studies website for information on writing a GA job description, interviewing, and hiring procedures.

Human Resources for hiring grant support.

Diversity & Inclusion for more information on GVSU inclusion and equity.

Other Requirements