How to Find and Win Government Grants Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about the government grants marketplace, and how to use databases and search engines to locate federal, state, and block grants that are right for your project and that fit within GVSU's mission. You will participate in a hands-on computer session, which will help you look at your idea from other perspectives. You will learn how to get the most out of your search for funding.

David Bauer will discuss how to look at your grant from the funder's perspective, how funding decisions are made, and what the government considers to be a good proposal.

He will give you the tools to develop a strategy for dealing with block grants and new federal programs, ways to develop more fundable ideas, information on how to make contact with federal agencies prior to writing a proposal, how to make contact and build relationships with key people in government agencies to make a case for your project, and how to be more effective at actually writing your proposal.

This workshop is beneficial to both seasoned and new grant writers. Workshop materials include David Bauer's "How To" Grants Manual, which includes a CD-ROM, as well as numerous handouts overflowing with practical, useful information. Although the workshop and materials are valued at approximately $150 per person, the Office of Sponsored Programs offers this event to you free of charge.

Page last modified October 10, 2011