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It is important to know the goals, objectives, and the type of projects or research a potential sponsor funds. A competitive proposal complements a sponsor's mission and interests, and we can help make that match for you by:

  • Searching online databases such as the Foundation Directory,, and Community of Science.

  • Identifying external sponsors online that do not require a password or membership fee of any kind. For a list of sites and databases, please visit the Grant Search Links in the Quick Links box.

  • Identifying publications in our grants library that may be useful.

  • Interpreting and understanding the potential sponsors' guidelines, requirements, and priorities. For example, if you are seeking an organization to fund a study on youth at risk in West Michigan, you may find an organization willing to fund such as study. However, they may fund only regionally, or up to a
    certain dollar amount, or they may have other, specific criteria that your idea does not meet.

Grant Reference Materials
Email the Office of Sponsored Programs to access these materials.