Completing and Submitting Your Proposal

Approval and Submission of Proposal

Upon completion of your proposal, please complete the GVSU Internal Review and Approval Form and obtain the required signatures:

  • Principal Investigator(s)
  • Unit Head(s)
  • Dean or Vice Provost
  • Facilities Planning, if additional space for housing your program is required
  • University Development Office for any proposal requests to foundations and corporations
  • Dean of Graduate Studies (if GA is requested)
  • University Controller (reviews budget)
  • Director, Office of Sponsored Programs (University Authorizing Official)

Note that the review process may require you to change the proposal, budget, or other sections of the grant after initial review. Therefore, allow sufficient time, prior to the sponsor's deadline, for each party to review the proposal and to make the required revisions.

Submit a copy of your final proposal, complete with required signatures, to the Office of Sponsored Programs, at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor's submission deadline.

If the sponsor requires electronic submission, please call the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance.

Before submitting your proposal, take a moment to review one last time for the following:

  • Cover sheet has all the necessary signatures
  • All sponsor forms are completed? Narrative, budget, resumes
  • Required assurances and certifications
  • All attachments are in the correct order as outlined in the sponsor's guidelines
  • The correct number of copies
  • No typographical errors
  • Correct address