School Social Work Certification


All students seeking certification for school social work are required to take the following course, in addition to the 60 credit hours required for the M.S.W. degree.

  • SW 664 - Social Work Practice in Schools Credits: 4
Students must consult with the school social work advisor. In addition to taking required courses, the student seeking certification must follow the curriculum below:
  • SW 612 - Social Policy: Families and Children Credits: 3
  • SW 662 - Substance Abuse and Social Work Practice Credits: 3 
  • SW 670 - Social Work Practice: Individuals Credits: 3
  • SW 672 - Social Work Practice: Groups Credits: 3
  • SW 674 - Social Work Practice: Families and Children Credits: 3
  • SW 660 - Grant Writing and Resource Development Credits: 3
  • SW 678 - Human Services Administration Credits: 3


Prerequisites to the courses mentioned above require successful completion of the program's core courses which are: SW 600, SW 601 (if required), SW 603 and SW 620.

Field placement internships for those who seek school of social work certification must be completed in a venue that serves families and children and/or in a K-12 school setting.

Upon graduation and successful completion of the required coursework and SW 664, verification that requirements have been met for temporary approval as a school social worker will be provided when/if requested from the School Social Work Advisor.

Temporary Approval is valid for five years from the date all requirements have been met.

For additional information:

Dr. Elaine R. Schott, LMSW
School Social Work Advisor
School of Social Work
Grand Valley State University
401 W. Fulton St. Suite 389C
Grand Rapids, MI  49504




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