Courses for the Master of Health Administration

Course List

The MHA program consists of a total of 45 credit hours and is developed into four parts.

Core Level I

Twelve credits earned in four courses:

  • PA 630: Health Administration and Services (Fall)
  • PA 611: Research Methods (Fall & Winter)
  • PA 612: Human Resources in Organizations (Winter)
  • PA 614: Organization Theory (Fall & Winter)

Core Level II

Twelve credits earned in four courses. PA 630 is a prerequisite for these courses, but may be taken concurrently.

  • PA 631: U.S. Health Policy and Politics(Fall)
  • PA 632: Health Services Financial Management (Winter)
  • PA 633: Health Economics (Winter)
  • PA 634: Health Care Law and Ethics (Winter)


MHA Plan for Initial Advising appointment

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