The woods are the book we read over and over as children. Wyatt Townley

Fall 2013

ENG 600: Graduate Literary Studies Seminar

Ben Lockerd

This course is an introduction to the field of literary studies, examining the history of the discipline and the history of literary theories, as well as current trends and issues in the field. Students in the course will also work on research projects of their own, with assistance from the professor and from library staff. We will also study the history of manuscript and book production and visit the rare books collection. Emphasis will be placed on close reading of literary texts, historical and intellectual contextualizing of literary texts, and research in primary sources.

Some potential texts:
-- The Critical Tradition, ed. David Richter
--Peter Barry, Beginning Theory
--Gerald Graff, Professing Literature: An Institutional History
--G. B. Harrison, Profession of English
-- Norton Anthology of English Literature

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