Announcing M.A. in English Courses for Spring, Summer, Fall, 2014, and Winter 2015

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Spring 2014

ENG 651: Early Medieval Literature: Current Trends in Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Rachel S. Anderson


Summer 2014

ENG 661: Literature of the First World War

James L. Persoon


ENG 612: Women Writers; "Domestic Containment and Un-Utterable Longing: Women Writers of the Cold War"

Avis Hewitt


Fall 2014

ENG. 651: Modernism

Michael Webster


ENG 600: Graduate Literary Studies Seminar

Brian Daniel Deyo


ENG 655:  History of Literary Criticism & Theory

Kurt E. Bullock


ENG 663: Shakespeare Seminar

Jo Miller


Winter 2015

ENGLISH 605:  American Literature and the Holocaust

Rob Franciosi 


ENG 624: Genre--Arthurian Romance 

Kathleen Blumreich


ENG 651:  "Black Matter(s): Literary Examinations of the Dichotomous Relationship Between Black Bondage and American Freedom"

Sherry Johnson


ENG 661: Major Author Seminar, Edmund Spenser and John Milton

Benjamin Lockerd

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