Student Testimonials


"The program covered important fundamental concepts in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science, but was also flexible enough for me to pursue specific interests I had in these fields - I was able to tailor the program to my interests."

"Overall the quality of the faculty and resources combined with the curriculum made this a fantastic learning experience."

"I choose GVSU for many reasons, having earned my undergraduate degree from GVSU I was well aware of the academic acumen of the professors.  As I was seeking a school local to the West Michigan area where I could take in-seat courses I wanted a school where their staff that consisted of professors comparable to the staff that educated me in my undergraduate degree.  I also knew I didn’t want online courses as I wanted the opportunity to be able to network with other CIS professionals within the West Michigan Area.  I also wanted to “earn” my degree, what I mean by “earn” my degree is I wanted to not only put in the time commitment, but also the commute commitment.  I wanted the college experience at a master’s level and wanted to feel a part of the collegiate community.  Finally, in recent years online schools have seem to became a “dime a dozen” and I worried about their reputation, when I placed what school I received my MS-CIS from on my resume I wanted to know the school I placed on there had a good reputation and was well respected and recognized of having a quality MS-CIS program."


"When I got my undergrad I was focused on completing my class work, not on academics. I started an MS degree with a desire to challenge myself and focus on learning new skills. During my undergrad in Engineering I found GVSU's programs to teach applicable skills rather than simply focusing on theory. A major result of graduating with my MS I have found that I can learn any area of software development if I apply myself. Thanks to the diversity in the programs and the applicability of the skills learned I have been able to continue applying and expanding the skills I've learned in applications ranging from a web game that is compatible with multiple platforms to developing a multi-thread game server. If you need the extra kick to learn more advanced skills and take your ability up to another level, this program an provide what you need. If you already have the ability to learn the skills you need on your own, this program can help fill in the holes to make your skills more complete. GVSU's MS program met all my expectations by showing me how to become a much more complete and confident developer than I already was."

"I worked as an IT professional for many years before deciding to pursue my post-graduate degree. I felt it would be beneficial to get back in a structured learning environment to find out what new ideas I might be missing out on in my work life. I found that my coursework provided a better understanding of many current I.S. topics which I only saw in bits and pieces in my work life. The professors I had were always interested in helping students learn and were willing to provide one on one time if needed. I would recommend pursuing a degree at GVSU."

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