Projects and Theses

All CIS students are required to complete CIS 692, or CIS 693, or both CIS 690 and 695 to complete the Master's degree.


The differences are quite substantial and are described here.


We have a separate page that describes the procedures, policies, and expectations for projects.

Starting a Project or Thesis

We have a couple of documents that describe both the project process and the thesis process. In order to actually enroll, we have two forms that you have to fill for either the project course (CIS 693) or the first thesis course (CIS 690 and CIS695).

Project Report and Thesis Writeup

The GVSU Library has full information regarding the preparation of both theses and projects. We provide a Microsoft Word template for the project.

Fill out the ScholarWorks Submission Form. Submit this to your advisor, who will submit your materials to the library.

Thesis Continuation (CIS 696)

Please see our FAQs about CIS 696.


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