Graduate Project Procedures, Processes, and Expectations


  • Student approaches faculty with a project idea at least two weeks before the start of the semester (alternatively, faculty can approach students with project ideas). If the faculty mentor approves the idea, the student and faculty mentor fill out the appropriate paperwork and submits it to the School office.
  • The School office then submits a permit override request so the student can enroll in CIS 693.
  • The student works on the project under faculty supervision, creates a written report and the presentation (see below).
  • Student presents the project during finals week.
  • Faculty submits grade.
  • Student submits an electronic version and two hardcopy versions of the project to the faculty mentor. The electronic version must contain an electronic version of the writeup, presentations materials, and the source code for the project.
  • If the project report is acceptable, the faculty mentor will sign the signature page of both copies. One hard-bound copy will be kept in the School office. The student will deliver the other hard-bound copy to the Library. See the library's web site for the requirements for binding.

Project Report

  • All projects require a written report that describes the problem domain, a description of the work performed, and an analysis of its effectiveness (could be anecdotal).
  • Typical length is about 5000 words, excluding appendices.
  • The format for project report is given below.
  • A best-effort draft is due two weeks before the end of the semester. That means the bulk of the technical work must be complete before then.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to seek support from the Writing Center prior to submitting their best-effort draft.
  • Sufficient time must be allocated for revision(s) of the project report.
  • The library will store a hard-bound copy (required), as well as storing a digital copy in ScholarWorks (with the approval of the faculty mentor and the graduate program director).


  • Presentations are approximately 30 minutes.
  • Open to the public.
  • Presentations are typically held the Thursday of finals week (in the morning).
  • The outline for the presentation is usually the same as the written report with the addition of a demonstration of the project.
  • A best-effort draft of the presentation materials are due two weeks before the end of the semester.
  • Sufficient time must be allocated for revision(s) of the presentation materials.

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