Research Emphasis - CMB Masters of Science

The Research-based CMB Master of Science students take an intensive internship that will provide hands-on learning in the field.

Overall requirements consist of 35 credits, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Consistent with GVSU policy, all courses must be completed within 8 consecutive years from entry into the first graduate course.


Research and Internship Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Internship Opportunities


Course List

BIO 610:  Scientific Methodology (3 cr.)

CMB 505:  Advanced Cell Biology (3 cr.)

CMB 506:  Advanced Molecular Biology (3 cr.)

CMB 695:  Thesis Research (1 to 9 cr.)

CMB 696:  Perspectives in Cell and Molecular Biology (capstone, 2 cr. )

STA 622:  Statistical Methods for Biologists (3 cr.)


A minimum of 15 credits of electives are also required. These are selected in consultation with your advisor.

Successful progress towards completion of the degree and continued enrollment requires:

  • A student's Graduate Committee Chair be determined before admission
  • The Mentor (who may also be the Graduate Committee Chair) be determined before the end of the student's first semester of enrollment
  • Student's Graduate Committee be appointed before the end of the second semester of enrollment.
  • A student must pass the qualifying exam before registering for thesis or internship credits. The purpose of the qualifying exam is to ensure that students have adequate science knowledge and skills background to successfully complete their degree.

All students will be limited to a five-year period to complete their degree.


Internship-based Master's in Biotechnology

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