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Biostatistics M.S.

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Suggested Prerequisites

Note: The equivalent to these specific courses at another 4 year institution are also acceptable by the program.

STA 216 Intermediate Applied Statistics (required or equivalent)

Project-oriented introduction to major statistical techniques using a statistical package such as SAS or SPSS. Hypothesis testing, {t-test}, multivariate regression, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, chi-square tests, non-parametric statistics.
Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: STA 215 or STA 312. Credits: 3

At least one more undergraduate statistics course:

STA 310 - Introduction to Biostatistics
STA 311 - Introduction to Survey Sampling STA 312 - Probability and Statistics STA 314 - Statistical Quality Methods STA 315 - Design of Experiments STA 317 - Nonparametric Statistical Analysis STA 318 - Statistical Computing STA 319 - Statistics Project STA 321 - Applied Regression Analysis

Click here for STA course descriptions.

CIS 162: Computer Science I

Introduction to programming and computer science through lab and lecture. Simple and structured data types and program control structures. Problem analysis, algorithm design, and computer implementation using a high-level language. Offered fall and winter semesters.
Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: MTH 110 or MTH 122 or MTH 201. Credits: 4

MTH 201: Calculus I

A development of the fundamental concepts of calculus using graphical, numerical, and analytic methods with algebraic and trigonometric functions of a single variable. Limits and continuity, derivatives, indefinite integrals, definite integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; applications of derivatives and integrals. Please see the Mathematics program for placement test details. Fulfills Mathematical Sciences Foundation.
Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: (MTH 122 and MTH 123), or placement into MTH 201 via the calculus readiness test. Credits: 5

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