Resources for Medical and Bioinformatics M.S.

A great opportunity for medical informatics students:


  • Become a Scribe. Especially if you have not been working in a hospital before, this is a wonderful way to learn about the work in a hospital and improve your resume. Need an 18 month commitment. Best for beginning students.


A certificate in the area of Biomedical Informatics is awarded to a student who completes a content area. Admission criteria for a certificate program are identical to admission criteria for the master’s degree program. Certificate candidates enroll in the standard master’s degree program courses, with grading criteria being identical. Should a certificate candidate decide to change to the master’s degree program, all coursework taken toward the certificate will apply to his or her master’s degree program. The following certificate require a 3-course sequence, which totals 9 credit hours:

Biomedical Informatics Certificate:

Electives (choose 2):

Hybrid Classes

The following courses are offered as hybrid classes and they are the part of the Biomedical and Informatics certificate.