Job Description

Special Project Graduate Assistantship 2014-16
Medical and Bioinformatics PSM program

Offered by:

Guenter Tusch, Chair of the Medical and Bioinformatics PSM Program
(, 1-2046)

Project Duration:

AY15/6 (August, 2014  April, 2016) for a full-time graduate assistant

Description of the Special Project:

Title: Transforming the lab environment for the Bioinformatics Program for future demands

Terms: Position runs for two full academic years (fall and winter)

AY 2014-2015 and AY 2015-2016
Full time position requires working 20 hours a week. 2x$4000.00 stipend (for two academic years  fall and winter).

Only for new students not currently enrolled in the Medical and Bioinformatics (MBI) graduate program.

Responsibilities of the Graduate Assistant:

To keep the program contents current with recent technological advancements in the fast developing field of bioinformatics the GA will create under the supervision of the professor curated data repositories from microarray and next generation sequencing data available on the web. She will set up the curated repository so that interesting datasets for a multitude of student class, lab exercises, or research projects can easily be created. Furthermore, she will identify state of the art analysis pipelines for students to get the experience in analyzing the datasets to acquire the necessary skills in a fast changing work environment. The GA will also provide the necessary documentation for students to use the software and methodology appropriately and according to best practices. This pipeline will include lining up software that is either already available in the lab or freely available on the web. She will focus on four areas: microarrays, next generation sequencing, translational bioinformatics, and meta-analysis of microarray data.


The student has to be admitted to the MBI program, but not currently enrolled, needs to be a full time student in the fall 2014 semester, and has to fulfill the requirements to be eligible for a GA position. Furthermore, the student should have experience in a major programming language and database experience. The student also should show an interest in modern technologies. Desirable qualities include: hard-working, self-motivated, solid ethical decision making skills, and the ability to think quickly and critically, adaptable to change, flexible, clear and concise communication skills, and solid organizational skills.

The preferred candidate has an undergraduate degree in biology or a technological field. The candidate should be able to install necessary software on school computers and create/maintain web sites.

Selection Process:

Required materials are cover letter, resume, and contact info of two references emailed to Dr. Tusch ( Dr. Tusch will screen GA applicants through review of application materials, personal interviews, and reference checks.

Contact Information:

Interested applicants should email a letter of interest, resume, and three references (with email contact and/or phone number) to:
Dr. Guenter Tusch, Professor School of Computing and Information Systems