MBI Faculty

Dr. Guenter Tusch, Ph.D
Director, Medical and Bioinformatics PSM Program
Office: MAK C-2-122 
phone: (616) 331-2046
Email: tuschg@gvsu.edu
Web page
Research interests: 
Data mining and  integrated decision-support systems and their effective implementation
Classification and data mining in medical and bioinformatics applications
Impact of a clinical decision support tool in radiology
Micro array data analysis and data mining in bioinformatics.


MBI Faculty

Dr. Jamal R. Alsabbagh, Professor
Office: C-2-216 Mackinac Hall
Phone: (616) 331-3647
Email: alsabbaj@gvsu.edu
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MBI Faculty

Dr. Jonathan Leidig, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems

Office: MAK C-2-209    
Phone: (616) 331- 2313
Email: leidijon@gvsu.edu
Research Interests:
Computing in Mathematics
Natural Science
Engineering and Medicine
Information Science

MBI Faculty

Dr. Cynthia Coviak, Ph.D RN CNE,
Associate Dean for Nursing Research & Faculty Development

Office: 352 CHS
Phone: 331-7170 (office)
Email: coviakc@gvsu.edu
Research Interests:
Health promotion in children, adolescents and families
Bone health promotion in children and adolescents
Data mining in informatics
Community-based participatory research

MBI Faculty

Dr. Michael Olgren, MS, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer,

Mercy Health Saint Mary's
200 Jefferson SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49503-4502
phone: 616.685.4895
email:  olgrenm@mercyhealth.com 


MBI Faculty

Dr. Paul Leidig, Ph.D,
Professor and Director
School of Computing & Information Systems

Office: MAK C-2-118
Phone: (616) 331- 2060
Email: leidigp@gvsu.edu
Web page
Research Interests:
Curriculum Issues in Information Systems and Computer Science
Information Systems Management and Policy 
Mobile Computing Applications
Usability Analysis of Tablet and Handheld PC
Information Visualization


MBI Faculty

Dr. Timothy Born, Ph.D 
Director, PSM Program

Office: 618C Eberhard Center 
Telephone: (616) 331-8643
Email: bornti@gvsu.edu 


Dr. Dianne Conrad

Dr. Dianne Conrad, DNP
Nursing Faculty

Office: 474 CHS
Phone: (616)-331-5695
Email: conraddi@gvsu.edu

Dr. Wolf

Dr. Greg Wolffe, Professor
School of Computing & Information Systems

Office: MAK C-2-213
Phone: (616) 331- 3884
Email: wolffeg@gvsu.edu
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