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Student T. Haas Challenge

Giving back has been a tradition at Grand Valley since its founding, and is one of the Laker Values. All Lakers, past, present and future share these values.

President Thomas J. Haas recognizes students respect for these and wants to continue passing these values to future Lakers. This is why T. Haas is challenging current Lakers to build upon the student giving tradition. The T. Haas Challenge allows any student gift of $10 or more, made to projects like the Student Legacy Scholarship, to be tripled.


Where's the money going?

Students traditionally give back to the university during their time on campus through the Student Legacy Scholarship. It's the Grand Valley way to take care of each other and exercise the Laker value of giving back. All gifts made to this fund are designated to help future Lakers and allow current students to leave their Laker legacy.


About the scholarship

The Student Legacy Scholarship, established by Grand Valley's Student Senate in 2007, is awarded to undergraduates who are considered to be the typical Grand Valley student.That profile includes those who exhibit a commitment to both academic achievement and community service on and off campus. In 2015, three students benefited from this scholarship. Your gift can help increase that number.


Scholarship Stories

Click the banner below to read about students who have received the Student Legacy Scholarship and how it has impacted them.


Scholarship Stories


How to give