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Start Planning

Step One

Identify the goal(s) that you'd like to meet through a planned gift to Grand Valley State University. These goals can be to:

  • Defer a gift until after your lifetime and maintain control of your assets during life
  • Avoid tax on capital gains and make a quick and easy gift
  • Avoid the income tax and potential estate tax on IRA or other employee benefit plans
  • Make a gift of personal or real property
  • Supplement retirement income

Unsure how to set your goals? Explore these things to consider at various stages during your lifetime.

Step Two

Select a gift option that meets your goals and consider the different life stages that are involved in philanthropic planning.


Step Three

Contact us at 616-331-6000 or to start the process or to learn more about your options.

Because every gift plan is tailored to your needs, and state laws vary, we also recommend that you consult with your financial or legal advisors before making your gift.


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