Science Laboratory Building

Grand Valley is committed to preparing students for careers in professions related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These skills are in-demand and necessary for the future prosperity of the region and state.

Many of the university’s 81 undergraduate programs and 31 graduate programs touch on the STEM fields in some way.

Current facilities, set in the heart of the Allendale Campus, house the biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, geology and physics departments, and are filled to capacity. The university’s growth in undergraduate study, research and experimentation demands that additional laboratories and learning spaces are built.

To meet this demand, the university has started construction of a new Science Laboratory Building.

The Science Laboratory Building will expand Grand Valley’s capabilities to educate students interested in pursuing fields in the STEM and health professions. The 151,000-square-foot building will feature nine classrooms, 15 teaching laboratories, 14 faculty and student research laboratories, study spaces, offices and a greenhouse.

To help equip the Science Laboratory Building with innovative resources and technology that will provide more hands-on experiences for Grand Valley students in critical STEM fields, please give today.

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Science Laboratory Building