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January 26



Cocktail Reception
6:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m


Fifth Third


GVUF Hosts


Dave and Mary Annis
Jim and Kathy Batts
Mike and Kristen Batts
Roger and Marcia Beutner
Flo Bouwman
Jim and Donna Brooks
John and Marie Canepa
Dan and Pamella DeVos

John and Penny Edison
Raleigh Finkelstein and Dini Katz
David and Judy Frey
Tom and Marcia Haas
Allen and Helen Hunting
Karen Loth
Arend and Nancy Lubbers
Ed ’74 and Barbara Marod

David and Linda Mehney
Seymour and Esther Padnos
Peter and Carroll Perez
Douglas ’78 and Janet Reed
Jim and Susie Sebastian
Jerry and Marcia Tubergen
Kate Pew Wolters
Dick and Barb Young


Please direct questions to Nicole Woody at (616) 331-6574 or