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Investing in the Future

Nick Zomer

Nick Zomer '17 grew up overseas in Hungary and Italy, and the experiences he had there helped to define his interests in international business relations.

The Management of Information Systems major grew up in a single parent household. Finances were always a bit tight for Nick and his mother, but she wanted to make sure that he attended college in the United States. “There were a couple of different reasons I chose Grand Valley, but it really comes down to my first experience on campus. Everyone was very welcoming and excited about Grand Valley, and the advisor for the International Business program was willing to meet with me personally to talk about her program.”

Nick chose the business program at Grand Valley because of the study abroad component. He believes that this experiential learning opportunity is so integral to the business program at Grand Valley because cultural and economic differences all affect how business is done.

He’s also had a number of opportunities on campus that have allowed him to gain management experience. Nick serves as the commodore on the executive board of the club sailing team. He progressed from account executive to the business manager of the Grand Valley Lanthorn. And as a member of the Enterprise Systems Student Union (ESSU), he is also given the ability to present and represent his major’s programming.

Because of knowledge he’s gained from these learning opportunities Nick was grateful to receive the Kaufman Family Endowed Scholarship Honoring L. William Seidman. This scholarship was one of the factors that allowed him to continue to attend Grand Valley, but he says that his favorite part of receiving the scholarship was the opportunity to meet the Kaufman family at the Scholarship Dinner. “I was able to meet them and understand why they chose me and why they decided to make the scholarship, as well.”

Thanks to this scholarship, Nick, who was already very engaged in the Grand Valley community through club sailing, the Lanthorn, and the ESSU, was able to continue his involvement and impact in the community. To scholarship donors he says, “Thank you.” Nick plans to begin working at Deloitte in Chicago as a business technology analyst next summer. “I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without the scholarship, my donors, and the opportunities at Grand Valley.”

His goal is be a leader in the community that works for sustainable business practices. With donor support of scholarships, other students like Nick, can have the opportunity to influence their communities. “It’s an investment not only in the future of that student, but in the future of our community – in the future of how that individual might impact the world.”