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March 2



Cocktail Reception
6:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m


Fifth Third


GVUF Hosts


Jim and Betsy Barton
Jane Becker
John and Marian Bouwer
Jim and Donna Brooks
Don and Fran Buske
Jim and Judy Czanko
Ronald and Jessie Dalman
John and Judy DeMaria
Dan and Pamella DeVos
Art and Marilyn MA ’83 Emery
Robert and Rudean Fairman
Happy Fox
Forrest and Sandee Frank
George and Barbara Gordon
Bob and Sharie Grooters

Tom and Marcia Haas
Ed and Nancy Hanenburg
Art and Betsy Hasse
David and Joyce Hecht
Tom and Barb Hiller
Earl and Donnalee Holton
J.C. and Tammy Huizenga
Mike and Sue Jandernoa
Chuck and Carol Jennings
Mart and Dottie Johnson
Tom and Margy Jones
Jim and Ginger Jurries
Buzz and Wendy Kersman
Karen Loth
Ray and Ginny Lovett

Arend and Nancy Lubbers
Frank and Jan Merlotti
Jack H. Miller
David and Diana Moore
Don ’67 and Diane ’67 Paton
Randy and Debbie Price
Peter P. and Pat Renucci
Budge and Marilyn Sherwood
Wayne and Lyndy Simon
Jim and Karen Stokes
Cliff and Lucille Taylor
David and Bonnie Wesorick
Jim and Phyllis Wynsma
Bernon and Bette Young
David and Bea Zylstra


Please direct questions to Nicole Woody at (616) 331-6574 or