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Faculty & Staff Campaign FAQs

F&S Campaign


When can I give to the campaign?
The Faculty Staff Campaign operates on the Grand Valley fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. All new gifts and pledges during this time period count for the annual campaign.

What is the role of the campaign volunteers?
Each year between February 3rd and March 13th, campaign volunteers encourage their colleagues to support University scholarships, programs and capital projects.

Payroll Deduction

How does payroll deduction work?

  • Sustainer/Continuous payroll deduction pledges are created as ongoing deductions. The deductions last for as long as the faculty staff member is employed at the University, or until University Development is notified to end the deduction. Sustainer donors are always counted as current donors for the annual Faculty Staff Campaign.
  • Regular Payroll Deduction pledges are made annually for a number of pay periods chosen by the donor (between 1 and 24 pay periods). 

Endowment Match

What are endowed funds?
These are funds from gifts to the university that are to be invested, with only the income earned from the funds going to support the purpose for which they were given. Learn more.

Who invests the funds?
The university has an investment committee made up of administrators, board members and financial representatives who set the policy, the direction and the investment parameters for the endowed funds.

What funds qualify?
Gifts that are given by a non-retired faculty/staff member, or their spouse, to an endowed fund at Grand Valley State University qualify for the match. The gifts of adjunct employees are not matched. This may be a cash gift, payroll deduction or a transfer of another asset.

When does the match happen?
Qualifying gifts made during a calendar year are matched at the end of the calendar year and are transferred into the endowed fund by the university.

Where does the match money come from?
The funds to cover the match come from unrestricted endowed funds and earnings from unrestricted endowed funds already at the university.  So the university is basically matching your gift to a restricted endowment of your choosing, with unrestricted endowment funds.

Why are they doing this?
By this program, the university is enabling its stakeholders, the faculty/staff and their families of Grand Valley, to direct where the university funds should be allocated and encouraging a culture of philanthropy.

Can I use this to create an endowment for my church, school or outside group?
No, it must be a fund that will directly support and fund a program, project, department, scholarship, or fellowship at Grand Valley State University.

Can I do this with others?
Yes! Some departments have gone in together to create scholarships and endowed project funds.  Their total contributions are matched.

Can I do this year after year?
Yes, you can! In fact, that is how many of the faculty staff scholarships have been created through multiple year gifts.

Is there a limit (minimum or maximum) on how much I can give in a given year? 
There is not minimum amount you can give to an existing fund. All gifts will count. There is however a maximum gift limit of $25,000 a year without a prior approval.

Why the maximum? 
We have to make sure we have funds available to cover all the matches.

Why do you call this program a benefit?
This program allows you to make a permanent impact on an area that is special to you and the university will match your gift, dollar for dollar.

Do I get credit for these gifts?
Yes, you certainly receive credit for any gift you have made to the fund and for recognition purposes the value of the match amount is also added to your yearly and lifetime donor record.

How do I start a fund like this?
For more information on initiating a scholarship or making a planned gift, or for questions about the faculty and staff campaign, please contact Jarrett Martus at (616) 331-5578 or