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Carol Van Andel

Van Andel

A native of West Michigan who is passionate about her community, Carol Van Andel is widely recognized for her commitment to education, children's issues, health and human services, and the arts, as well as for her ability to bring people together in support of the organizations that provide these essential services. As Executive Director of the David and Carol Van Andel Foundation, and through her extensive involvement as a volunteer and board member, Carol has provided leadership and support to dozens of West Michigan and national organizations. Carol holds a Bachelor of Arts in business from Hope College and is a Trustee of the Van Andel Education Institute Council and the Michigan Colleges Foundation. She is a Board Member of Grand Action, the Public Museum of Grand Rapids Friends Foundation, the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, and Bethany Christian Services and is a past president and board member of numerous other organizations. Carol is married to husband David Van Andel and is the mother of four sons. 

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