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Career Services Internship Scholarships

"Education is the biggest economic development tool. Internships are just another form of educating students." - Rachel Becklin, GVSU Career Center 


Education at Grand Valley doesn't stop when students leave their classrooms. Many students supplement their in-class experience by completing on or off -campus internships. Rachel Becklin, assistant director and internal internship specialist at the Grand Valley Career Center, says that these internships help students understand what it is like to work in a specific industry. The experiences also connect students with professionals in their field and give them the skills that future employers seek.

Internships are vital to the future of many Grand Valley students, but many internships are unpaid. The financial burden that unpaid internships create can prevent students from pursuing them.

Some of the financial burden can be alleviated by Internship Scholarships- $500 awards given by the Career Center to students who completed unpaid internships.

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