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Megan Koops

Blaine Koops

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Laker Blood Runs Deep in the Koops Family

The Alumni Champions initiative is an effort to increase alumni engagement with the university. This is critical to future success as an institution. Alumni Champions are committed to supporting the university themselves and to sharing the excitement and momentum of Grand Valley with their fellow alumni, encouraging them to play a more active role in the support of our students.

Megan Koops-Fisher ’07, ’08, knew she wanted to get more involved as an alumna after her own experience: “Grand Valley would not be the university it is without the participation of alumni, community members, and faculty. I want fellow alumni to know that when they give, they are supporting students to have the same amazing experience they did.”

Some of her favorite moments from her time at Grand Valley include the people she interacted with, from fellow students to faculty and staff: “I have lasting relationships with almost everyone I met at GVSU.” She has continued to be involved in addition to being an Alumni Champion – she volunteers at the Majors Fair, and her entire family pitches in for Freshmen Move-In, which she says is a “huge highlight.”

Her experience as an Alumni Champion for Grand Valley led her father, Blaine Koops ’76, to get involved as well.

“Being an Alumni Champion is a natural fit for me and our family,” says Blaine. “Grand Valley has been such a driving force in our personal and professional success, and if we can help deliver the message of the good things the university offers, we want to be part of it.”

In addition, Blaine has been an adjunct professor in the School of Criminal Justice and Director of the Police Academy

Laker blood runs deep with the Koops family – both Blaine and his wife, Denise, received degrees from Grand Valley; Megan, her husband Caleb, her sister Melanie, and Melanie’s fiancée are all GVSU graduates as well. Blaine says they also have “big GVSU plans” for Megan and Caleb’s one-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

"[Being an Alumni Champion] has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with classmates from the past, keep current on Grand Valley events and establish new relationships with others that see a value in the quality education Grand Valley has to offer,” says Blaine.

Megan encourages other alumni to join this effort, stating, “You have no idea how you may make a life-changing impact on a student.”

To learn more about the Alumni Champions initiative or to get involved, contact Katelyn Semelbauer at or give her a call at (616) 331-6606.