2018 Conference Program

Leave No Elder Behind: Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Aging

This year’s theme is intended to bring attention to those older adults in our communities who face social and environmental barriers to healthy aging. They may be vulnerable due to many factors: poverty, race, language, education level, physical and/or mental disabilities, unsafe neighborhoods, rural or suburban setting, inadequate or no transportation, or living alone. All of these older adults deserve the opportunity to thrive. In this year's conference, we hope to offer best practices for professionals and individuals to ensure that none of these elders are left behind.

Our keynote speaker: Dr. Gwendolyn Graddy-Dansby, M.D., FACP, Medical Director, PACE Southeast Michigan. Dr. Graddy completed her undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, and later graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine. She joined the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) in 1987 and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She is also a Fellow in the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Graddy has been the Medical Director for PACE Southeast Michigan (PACE SEMI), since 2001. PACE SEMI (formerly known as Center for Senior Independence) was the first Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly site in the state of Michigan. Read more info here.

Currently, we're in a process of collecting presentation proposals, therefore the whole program will be available at the beginning of December.


Opening Session

Gwendolyn Graddy-Dansby:
Aging in the 21st Century: Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Aging

Morning Breakout

Session 1. Sok Kean Khoo:
Move It or Lose It: Influence of Physical Activity on Brain Function 
Session 2. Catherine Jacobs:
Five Things You Need to Do Before You Lose Your Mind
Session 3. Karen Kafantaris:
AARP HomeFit Program: How to Stay in the Home You Love as You Age
Session 4. Paula Baughman & Renee Van Y:
Montessori: Enriching Lives of Persons Living with Dementia 
Session 5. Sandra Spoelstra:
Aging in Place to Advance Better Living for Elders in Michigan: An Evidence-Based Model 
Session 6. Darleen Hoffert:
Geriatric Population with Mental Illness Impacted by Bias: Are WE All Guilty? 

Early Afternoon Breakout

Session 7. Jing Chen:
Life Expectancy, Zip Code and Telomeres 
Session 8. Marta Rodriguez-Galan & Deb Covell:
Older Adults Helping Other Older Adults: Productive Aging through the Senior Companion Program 
Session 9. Christi Demitz & Holly Tiret
Caring for the Caregiver 
Session 10. Melissa Seifert
Call Me, Maybe! 
Session 11. Ginnie Smith & Jay Steffan 
Grandy Land-Traveling Towards an Age-Friendly Grand Rapids 
Session 12. Geraldine Terry
Later Life Lessons from a Healthcare Provider and Caregiver

Mid Afternoon Breakout

Session 13. Anne Ellermets & Lisa Misenhimer
The Power of Resilience in Aging Well 
Session 14. Karen Vander Laan & Sanford Freed
Why What Matters to You Matters to Me - How Person-Centered Advocacy Overcomes Barriers Aging Well 
Session 15. Nicholas Wahl
I'm going to Pump - You Up! Exercise for Seniors in Community and Long Term Care Settings
Session 16. Lily Fossel 
HomeSharing: Friendship, Financial Support and Help Within the Home 
Session 17. Stephanie Hamacher & Denver Lawrence
Role of Leisure for Veterans through the Ages
Session 18. Leara Glinzak & Timothy Tuthill
Building Relationships: Caregivers and Loved ones with Dementia 

Closing Session

Panelists: Lori Dillman, MA, David Rothbart, BS, Veronica Kirin, BA
Moderator: Priscilla Kimboko, PhD
Telling Their Stories: Finding Ways to Help Self and Others Overcome Barriers to Healthy Aging 


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