Dr. William J. Neal, Ph.D.

William J. Neal - Emeritus Professor of Geology

The Seymour K. & Esther R. Padnos Hall of Science # 118
One Campus Drive
Allendale, Michigan 49401-9403
Office Telephone: (616)-331-3381
Office Fax: (616)-331-3740
Electronic Mail: NealW@GVSU.edu


Ph.D. in Geology, Univeristy of Missouri-Columbia (1968)

Research Regions & Interests:

Sedimentary petrology, stratigraphy, and environmental geology; coastal mapping and hazard evaluation, and diagenesis of gypsum; petrology of deep-sea sediments.  Field sites include the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, Alaska, Great Lakes, Colombia, and Portugal.

Selected Publications:

Van Regenmorter, J., Videtich, P.E., & Neal, W.J., 2008, Coprolites, Cololites, and Fish Fossils in The Mississippian Michigan Formation, Western Michigan: Michigan Academician, v. XXXVIII, p. 21-35.

Neal, W. J., Pilkey, O.H., & Kelly, J. T, 2006, Atlantic Coast Beaches: A Guide to Ripples, Dunes, and Other Natural Features of the Seashore. Mountain Press Publishing, Missoula, 272 p.

Jackson, C.W., Bush, D.M., & Neal, W.J., 2006, Gabions, a poor design for shore hardening: the Puerto Rico experience: Journal of Coastal Research, SI v. 39, v. II, p. 852-857 in Klein, A.H.F., et al., eds., Proceedings of the 8th International Coastal Symposium ICS 2004, 1909p.

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