300-Level Geology Courses

GEO 300 - Earth and the Environment. Detailed examination of interactions and connections between people and their geologic environment from an Earth Systems perspective. Using case studies and current events students investigate complex environmental processes and issues related to the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.  Students will reach and defend decisions concerning personal, corporate, and governmentalactions. Lectures and field trips.  General education theme course.  Prerequisites: Junior standing and completion of natural science general education requirements.  Three credits. Offered each winter.

GEO 311 - Structural Geology. Elementary treatment of stress and strain, theory of rock failure: description and origin of rock structures and selected techniques of structural analysis. Lectures, laboratory, and three-day field exercise. Prerequisites: 212 and Math 123. (2-0-2). Three credits. Offered fall semester.

GEO 312 - Sedimentation-Stratigraphy. Principles and processes of sedimentation. Petrologic interpretation and basic laboratory techniques in the analysis of sediments. Study of layered rocks in terms of description of the local section; correlation of sections using petrology and paleontology and reconstruction of paleoenvironments. Lectures, laboratory, and field trips. Prerequisite: 112. (3-1-2). Four credits. Offered winter semester.

GEO 315 - Geological Field Methods. Principles and applications of surveying and geophysical instruments in geological field work. Practical field exercises in making planimetric and topographic base maps are required. Laboratory. Prerequisites: 112 and permission of instructor. (1-0-3). Two credits. Offered fall semester of even-numbered years.

GEO 319 - Earth Science in Secondary Education. Course is designed to expand the perspectives of the teaching of earth science and prepare the student for professional life.  Emphasis is on teaching techniques, lecture demonstrations, laboratory activities, utilizing web resources, and professional standards.  Topics include plate tectonics, landforms, earth materials, geologic time, hydrosphere, weather and astronomy. Lectures, laboratory, and field trips. Prerequisites: Earth science major or minor, teacher certification candidate, and GEO 111, 112, 211, and 212.  4 credits. Winter, even numbered years.

GEO 320 - Geomorphology (Earth Science Capstone). The patterns and genesis of landforms with emphasis on fluvial processes, climatic factors, and environmental implications. Independent study project or research paper required. Lectures, laboratory, and field trips. Prerequisite: 112. (3-1-2). Four credits. Offered fall semester.

GEO 380 - Selected Topics in the Geological Sciences. Topics covered will reflect special interests of students or the instructor. Those subjects involving regional geology or specific field problems will involve field trips or field work in the area of interest, with preparation of appropriate guides, reports, maps, sections, etc. One to three credits. Offered on sufficient demand.

GEO 399 - Readings in Geology. Independent study of geological literature. Topics to be prearranged with appropriate staff members. Discussion and seminar. Term paper required. One to four credits. Must be prearranged with supervising faculty.

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