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Welcome To Project Aquagen

ATTENTION: Hello Everyone. We thank you for your patience. We can now begin accepting samples at the GVSU address you have been using previously. The is still some internal flux but that should NOT have any impact on being able to get samples analyzed for you. We will be separating for GVSU operationally and are in the process of developing a new site with new information and options. Please stay tuned for the new links and information and feel free to contact me with any requests for sample processing.

I was unable to register the new business under the Aquagen name so the new official name is GenPass LLC. Currently, the rest of the information on this website will still be accurate up to March 5, but until a new website can be developed all updates on services, pricing, contact information, and website progress will be posted on our new Facebook Page following March 5, 2016. New pricing and documentation will be available both here and via Facebook before the March cutoff. Please feel free to check out the link to facebook below. You may also email me at of contact me via FB after March 5 since the current GVSU email address will be phasing out of service.

THANK YOU! Syndell Parks

What is Project Aquagen?

Project Aquagen is a service that offers accurate genetically based identification of watermilfoil. It is supported by and operated out of Grand Valley State University's Annis Water Resources Institute in Muskegon, Michigan.


Our Mission:

To improve the development of effective vegetation mapping and lake management plans and build effective partnerships between the various sectors of the aquatic plant management community.