General Education Program

Students Who Started at GVSU BEFORE Fall 2014

2014-15 Quick Guide for Returning Students

If you started at GVSU before Fall 2014, click here to see the 2014-15 Quick Guide.

2014-15 Handbook

The new Handbook contains additional Foundations, Cultures, and Issues courses.  Click here to access it.

Upper Division Requirements

The following rules regarding fulfillment of upper division General Education requirements apply to students who entered GVSU before Fall 2014:

  • You can choose 2 Issues courses, 1 Issue course and 1 Theme  course, or 2 Themes courses.
  • You must choose courses from 2 different disciplines (e.g. AAA, ANT).
  • If a course is crosslisted in 2 disciplines (e.g. AAA/WGS), your second course must come from a third discipline.
  • Only 1 course can be taken at the 100 or 200 level.
  • Issues courses must be taken at GVSU.
  • Issues courses have a junior standing prerequisite.  For class standing, a junior is defined as a student who has earned 55-84 credits.   For prerequisite checking, a student must have completed or will have completed at least 55 prior to taking the course.  However, they can register for the class while the final credits are in progress.   

Themes Courses

Themes courses are not listed in the 2014-15 Handbook.  However, returning students may still take Themes courses to fulfill their Issues/Themes requirements.  Click here to see the descriptions of available Themes courses.  

Please refer to FAQ for returning students for more information.

Page last modified May 2, 2014