The GE Handbook and Quick Guide for New Students

The General Education Program Handbook explains the General Education requirements and contains course descriptions. The Quick Guide is a brief listing of the requirements and the courses that fulfill them. Please click on the icons below.

2015-2016 Handbook

2015-2016 Quick Guide

The Quick Guide was last updated on 11-20-2015.

A signature piece of the General Education program is the Issues courses.  Issues courses develop students' understanding of issues arising within some of the most compelling topics of our time:  globalization, health, human rights, identity, sustainability, and the connected topics of information, innovation, and technology.

Click on the Issues course title below to view a brief video of a professor describing the course.

BIO 338 - Environmental Ethics - Dr. Shaily Menon
ECO 343 - Health Economics - Dr. Paul Isley
ECO 345 - Environmental and Resource Economics - Dr. Paul Isley
EGR 306 - Urban Sustainability - Dr. Shirley Fleischmann
HST 370 - History of Medicine and Health - Dr. Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin
LIB 314 - Life Journeys - Prof. Maureen Wolverton 
LIB 322 - Wicked Problems of Sustainability - Dr. Danielle Lake
MTH 312 - Cryptography and Privacy - Dr. Robert Talbert
SOC 351 - Urban Sociology - Dr. Joel Stillerman
SOC 382 - Race and Ethnicity - Dr. Jennifer Stewart
SOC 420 - Sociology of Community - Dr. Joel Stillerman
WGS 335 - Women, Health and Environment - Dr. Julia Mason