General Education Program

Changes to MTH 110

How do I fulfill the Math 110 proficiency?
Below are the ways to meet MTH 110 Proficiency:

Successful completion of the MTH 110 course OR

  • Initial placement of "Ready for Courses Requiring Introductory Mathematics" or "Ready for Courses Requiring Advanced Mathematics"
  • Pass the MTH 110 proficiency test  (
  • Transfer credit for MTH 110, 122, 123, 125, 201, 202, 203, 225 or 302.
  • AP credit for MTH 201 and/or 202.  (Score of 3 or higher required.)
  • CLEP credit for MTH 122 or 201.

  If you are a student that started at GVSU BEFORE FALL 2011:
   1. You must meet MTH 110 Proficiency, even if you fulfill GE Foundation - Mathematical Science (F-MS) or MACRAO elsewhere
    2. You must adopt a new catalog

If you are a New Transfer Student:  
    1. If you fulfilled MACRAO then you have fulfilled F-MS
    2. You can transfer in any course in F-MS. If so, you have then fulfilled F-MS
     If you need F-MS, you must show MTH 110 Proficiency

If you are a New Freshman:
   1. MTH110 course, or proficiency (see list above), is a pre-requisite for F-MS

Page last modified April 1, 2014