Grandparents and Grandchildren alike enjoy learning, laughing, and living for three days on the GVSU campus.  Below are comments from past participants.

"Very enjoyable program."

"It was really fun.  I learned a lot and would love to come back next year!"

"Staff very friendly and helpful.  Campus students very friendly.  Great campus and facilities."

"My grandson and I truly enjoyed all our experiences."

"I enjoyed every moment of this!  I had a lot of fun!"

"Just like last year - classes were amazing and organization of the program was superb.  The extra like tours of the Silversides and the Carillon Tower were wonderful memorable events."

"Well organized.  Great job putting this all together."

"It was fun."

"My granddaughter is an introvert, and sometimes it is difficult to gauge her enthusiasm.  She had a great time and will tell everyone how much fun she had."

"Hope to be back next year!"


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