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G3 Frequently Asked Questions

Participant Questions

Q: How many grandkids may I bring?
A: Each grandparent may bring up to 2 grandchildren.

Q. How many people may attend total in my family?
A. Each family unit may have, at most, 4 people stay together. Any additional family members would be housed in separate rooms.

Registration Questions

Q: When does registration open?
A: Registration opens late fall 2015.

Q: When does registration close?
A: Registration closes April 30, 2016.

Q: Do I have to register online?
A: No. You can register either online or print out the registration form and send it in with a check. If you cannot print out a form from the internet, you can call (616) 331-2267 and ask to have a G3 registration package sent to you.

Q. Do I have to register for the camp and sign up for sessions all at once?
A. No. You can choose to register for everything at once, or register for the camp first and wait to sign up for sessions until later. You will need to choose a user name and password and then you will be able to log in and choose sessions and also make any modifications until April 30, 2016.

Q. Can I get a refund if I register but then cannot attend?
A. Yes, you can receive a refund, as long as you notify us before June 10, 2016.

How do I register for the camp?

Online Registration

When you decide to register for the G3 camp, please have the following information available.

  1. In this online registration you will be asked to fill information about the grandparent(s), grandkid(s), and legal guardian of the child(ren).
  2. You will be asked about shirt sizes and any special accommodations you may require.
  3. You will then be asked to choose your course selections. Information on sessions and times offered, as well as a planning worksheet, are available here.
  4. You will also be asked for credit card information, if you wish to pay online. If you register and pay online, you will receive a confirmation email.
  5. If you would like to pay by check, you will fill out all of the registration information, and at the end of the registration, you will be prompted to print out the completed registration so that you can send it in with a check. Once we receive your check, you will receive an email confirmation.

NOTE: Once you have paid, you will not be able to add or delete family members online.

Mail-In Registration

If you prefer to register by mail, fill out the form on the registration page. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been received and processed.

For Help with Registration

Once you have paid, you will not be able to add or delete family members online. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Regional Math and Science Center at 616.331.2267 between 8am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.