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2013 G3 Camp Session Offerings

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Presenter CoPresenter Session Title Description: Sessions with an asterisk (*) are 180 minutes in duration. All others are 90 minutes.
Char Beckmann Adventures in Mathematics (10-12 yr olds) Come to this session to connect how math is alive in your everyday life and explore fun applications of numbers. Char Beckmann Adventures in Mathematics (8-10 yr olds) Come to this session to play with mathematical puzzles and games and explore fun applications of numbers. Jayne Dissette Pam DeJong Choosing a Path for the Future Intergenerational teams will focus on academic and career discovery through the use of blogs and other web tools. The Grandkids will get to share their curiosity about subjects and careers and get guidance from their Grandparents! Kathy Agee Karen Meyers Family Engineering Explore the world of engineering through fun, hands-on activities. Learn how engineers are inspired by nature and participate in design challenges that will stretch your creativity and problem solving skills. Christopher Dobson Jessica Page Sara Tiesenga Flying Fruit: Science in Action! How do flowering plants disperse their offspring when they are literally rooted to the spot? Come investigate (play with) maple helicopters to explore one tree's solution and practice thinking scientifically too! Deana Weibel Games on the Playground: A Cultural Exchange The games and activities you do on the playground are part of your culture, and culture changes over time. Come share your playground culture with your grandparents and learn about the games and activities they played as children. You'll conduct interviews, take notes, and learn through "participant-observation" together. Sue Sloop Kay Hart GVSU Farmers Market and the GVSU Sustainability Initiative Visit the GVSU Community Garden Hoophouse and learn about the conception of the GVSU Farmers Market and the Community Garden in line with the GVSU Sustainability initiative. A scavenger hunt through the Farmers' Market will allow opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren to find healthy produce. Nancy Mack How Big is Big? How Small is Small? How Much is A Lot? Would a blue whale fit into our classroom? Is your arm shorter than a giraffe's tongue? How far could you see if you had eyes like an eagle? Do you like learning interesting things about animals? Do you like measuring things? Do you like being challenged to solve problems in creative ways? We will use unusual measuring tools to solve lots of interesting problems about animals. Come ready to think creatively and explore. Mary Schutten Collen Lewis / Chris Beaudoin How Do We Do that So Fast? Human Body in Motion Why does your body move the way it does? You can use your own body to learn more about body movement, what influences reaction time and how practice influences success. Come play with cards, mirrors, and learn new and different ways your body movement works for you! Joe Bitely Introduction to Geocaching Geocaching is a global treasure hunting activity for all ages. Geocaching utilizes the internet in combination with a handheld GPS unit to locate hidden containers. After reviewing the information, equipment, and etiquette involved in geocaching, participants will search for mock geocaches around campus. Julie Yunker Introduction to Law Enforcement This course will focus on some of the activities that a law enforcement officer might perform in the course of his or her regular duty shift. We will provide classroom information as well as allow participants to observe some of the special skills, such as physical training, the process of making traffic stops, defensive tactics, criminal investigations and other special unit functions (SWAT and/or K-9). Dan Bergman Making Sense of Our Senses Inspire your senses in this interactive exploration of the five basic human sensory systems. We will learn how and why grandkids and grandparents sensory systems differ in the stimuli we can detect. Carrie Brueck-Morris Movement Workshop - FlashMob Join us in exploring the basic principles of dance movement as we create and learn a short dance designed to get you moving! This session will culminate in participation in a GVSU FlashMob. Amy Campbell Dustin Mier Navigating Technology into Your Workout As our society becomes more technologically advanced, we are also becoming less fit and more sedentary. But it doesn't have to be that way! Come learn how to use technology to your advantage- from monitoring exercise levels, finding new ways to exercise, keeping track of calories, and websites that reward you for exercising! Steve Snell Not Your Everyday Trees Enjoy a walking tour around the GVSU Arboretum, talking about trees not seen in the usual landscape, which can grow in Michigan. Flower colors, bark display, seeds and leaf descriptions, all hands on! Janet Vail John Koches Science on the Lake (On the Water and On the Shore) Explore West Michigan waters from the deck of the WG Jackson, GVSU's research vessel docked in Muskegon, MI. Be a scientist for the day, collecting samples to be analyzed in the on-board lab. Also explore the use of drones in collecting shoreline data. (Session will take up two consecutive time slots. You must provide your own transportation to Muskegon.) Paul Stephenson Statistics in Sports Sports permeate many aspects of our very culture. Statistics have often played an important role in describing and evaluating the performance of individuals and teams in sports. In this session, we will play some sports and explore data collection, descriptive statistics and modeling used in sports. Come prepared to have fun! Paul Mixa Mike Wambaugh Summertime Snacks Learn how to make fun summertime snacks for afterschool and picnics. Customize your own menu with new and exciting ideas to make the boring old snack fun again! Learn with hands-on cooking activities that professional chefs use to present creative food. Douglas Furton Telling Time on the Big Clock in the Sky and other Astronomy Tips* Learn to locate the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and the North Star and how to use these constellations to tell time. Learn how to identify other important constellations and how to tell stars from planets. We will make and learn how to use simple tools to predict how the sky will look on any date at any time, no batteries required. And no experience necessary! Ellen Sprouls The Illustrated Word Do you dream about riding dinosaurs through the desert? Or soaring through the air like a bird at the speed of a jet? Bring your dreams to life. Come to this session where we will explore the topic and methods for the illustration of children's books. Each participant will then have a chance to tell his or her story using paint, crayons, colored pencils, and a host of other materials to create the pictures to bring his or her story to life. The story and pictures will be bound into a book made by the student. Patrick Johnson The Lost Art of Writing Letters In this computer age writing, as a form of communication, has become increasingly rare. Participants in this session will be guided through writing letters to real companies and businesses with the goal of getting a response (or maybe free stuff)! Businesses want to hear from the people who use their products and this session is about making your voice heard! By the end of the session, you will know what makes for successful praise and complaint letters and your finished letter will be ready to be put in the mail. Cindy Laug Monica Johnstone Time Machine - Exploring the Lives of Grand Rapids' Women and Girls of 1900 At the turn of the 20th Century, Grand Rapids had a front row seat on some major initiatives. In 1899, Grand Rapids hosted a convention of suffragettes including Susan B. Anthony. Women were working in many different ways to improve their own lives. What was it like for women and girls at work and play, in sickness and health, the rich and the poor in 1900? Plenty of opportunities to try out period activities and examine artifacts. Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra To Catch a Thief: A Library Adventure Someone has stolen a rare and valuable artifact from Grand Valley's campus! Come help track down the culprit using the library's resources to decipher clues and crack this case. In this hands-on session, participants will explore some of the amazing online resources available through Grand Valley's library and learn some easy research tips while helping to return a valuable artifact to its rightful place on campus. Steve Chappell Tour of WGVU Public Media Visit the WGVU public radio and television facilities operating from the Meijer Public Broadcast Center, at the University's downtown Grand Rapids campus. Take a tour to learn about the technology and the business of broadcasting! (You must provide your own transportation to the studio.) Mark Gleason Gary Johnson Underwater Robotics - ROVs* Interested in underwater robotics or technology? Ever wonder what it would be like to control a remotely operated vehicle underwater? Participants would learn about ROVs and then design, create, and build a working ROV. Each team will then drive their ROV in a water tank. This is beginner's underwater robot class. (Session will take up two consecutive time slots. You must provide your own transportation to Muskegon.) Margaret Dietrich Matt Christians Why is an apple red and an orange orange? Do you like to play with your food? Come and mash up some fruit and learn the science behind why every living thing is different. Participants will collect the DNA from their favorite fruits and use origami to understand the structure of the DNA molecule. Debra Burg Steve Hecht Watching Out for the Little Guys: Testing the Effects of Water Pollution Come do a little laboratory work to test the effects of environmental pollutants on the little critters that live in our water sources. We'll make some observations under the microscope and work on graphing our data to share with the class.