Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)

Hourly Staff FWA Guideline Sheet - OLD

Flexible Work Arrangement Guideline Sheet - Hourly Staff


Staff members and their supervisors must discuss their needs to develop the best possible arrangement for their situation. Find the steps for introducing a flexible work arrangement by visiting "Requesting Arrangements".  The following provides additional information for hourly staff members and their supervisors:

  1. The application form for a FWA should be submitted to Human Resources to be housed in the Work Life Connections Office.
  2. Staff members considering a reduced FWA schedule should discuss any potential impact on staff benefits with the Work Life Connections Office. For example, pay, compensation, benefits, etc.
  3. All approved FWA’s will be subject to a trial period of up to 3 months.
  4. Upon successful completion of the trial period, the FWA may continue indefinitely subject to supervisor approval.
  5. A supervisor or staff member, with reasonable notice, may terminate or modify the FWA at any time. Supervisor must notify payroll of these changes by email (payroll@gvsu.edu).
  6. FWA must begin and end in conjunction with a pay period.
  7. Supervisors must notify payroll by email (payroll@gvsu.edu) on the Wednesday prior to the proposed starting date of the FWA.
  8. Staff members who have completed their probationary period are eligible to apply for a flexible work schedule.
  9. Overtime pay is limited to work hours over 40 hours in a work week with supervisor approval.
  10. Supervisor must input all holiday pay codes in Ultra Time.
  11. Use of vacation and salary continuation will equal number of hours scheduled to work on day of occurrence.
  12. COT Staff on FWA are eligible for holiday and/or university closure day if that day actually falls on the day of scheduled work. Shifting of holiday is not permitted.
  13. Salary continuation/COT Staff : Regular full-time staff members who have completed six (6) months of employment shall have the first 80 hours not to exceed two consecutive weeks of any disability fully paid. Regular full-time staff members who have completed one (1) year of employment shall have the first 160 hours not to exceed four consecutive weeks of any disability fully paid. 
  14. For absence due to the death of an immediate family member, bereavement leave will be a maximum of 40 hours, if needed. Extension may be granted in extenuating circumstances by Human Resources. 
  15. Flexible work arrangements that result in a change in shift differential are not permitted.
  16. Decision to grant or deny a FWA is solely up to the supervisor and appointing officer and is not subject to a grievance procedure. 

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