Teaching Circle Reimbursement Instructions

All purchases for materials, services and travel expenses are to be made using department funds. These reimbursements are not dependent on a report and carry from one fiscal year to another, so reimbursements can be made as they occur.

Send an email or memo to the Pew FTLC office with the faculty name, grant type, grant number, and the amount to be transferred.

  • Attach a copy of the Purchase Order, P-card transaction, or Travel and Expense voucher, etc. for materials or services purchased.
  • The department will be reimbursed through a working budget transfer of funds from the Pew FTLC grant account. The FTLC will initiate the transfer in Onbase. You are welcome to use our reimbursement form or one of your own.

Send Information to: ftlcgrants@gvsu.edu via email or to Pew FTLC, 068 JHZ via interoffice mail.